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Antigua Slipway Ltd. is a full-service boatyard and marina located in English Harbour, Antigua. Providing haul-out, refit, repair, maintenance and guardianship marine services to sailing and motor yachts. Its Marine Railway haul-out facility is unique in the region, with a maximum haul-out capacity of two hundred (200) tons for vessels up to one hundred- and fifty-feet (150ft) length overall (LOA) x forty feet (40ft) beam x fourteen feet (14ft) draft. For haul and launch and storage, the Brownell Hydraulic Trailer has a maximum haul-out capacity of thirty-five (35) tons for vessels up to fifty feet (50ft) LOA X twenty-four (24ft) beam x ten feet (10ft) draft.
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Antigua Slipway Ltd

Our History 

SINCE 1966

St. Helena is the site of the original 1725 Dockyard and forms part of the Antigua Naval Dockyard and Related Archaeological Sites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the foremost naval dockyard for the British Navy in the Eastern Caribbean and closed as a military installation in 1895. Antigua Slipway Ltd. was established as a shipyard and marina in 1966 and continues to practice the trade today – 298 years later. In an environment of almost constant warfare, uncharted reefs, hurricanes and tropical marine organisms, the wooden ships of the Royal Navy required regular maintenance and refitting. The warships also needed a sheltered harbour during the hurricane months. By the 1730s, the sheltered bays of English Harbour had proved to be a strategic advantage for the naval squadrons on patrol in the Caribbean, and the facilities were expanded to the western side of the harbour, and the Georgian dockyard seen today was built. Little remains above ground of the original structures of St. Helena. The administration building, and the chandlery are modified versions of the ancient workshops and storehouses. Old cannons and anchors are still visible on site and, at the entry the stonewall remains in place. Underwater, many of the original wood pilings that date to the late 1700s can still be seen. (UNESCO-WH-Antigua, Dossier, 2014).

Our Crew 

Our team of skilled technicians and staff members are passionate about boating and dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers. We take pride in our work and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Antigua Slipway Ltd
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Here you will find all the services and amenities you will need whilst visiting and enjoying our Marina. Coming soon -full details of bars, cafe's and restaurants within the Marina and nearby.

Great Marina to get your boat work done.
- Oliver 
Location is fantastic located in English Harbour. Great places to visit, eat, and stay. 
- Angela