haul out and anti foul bottom job

There is no need to look further for a marine travel lift because Antigua Slipway can do everything for a boat “lift out” and storage ashore in the Eastern Caribbean. Get your anti foul job or yacht bottom painting done in Antigua at our competitive rates at the most customer friendly boatyard in the Caribbean. You can see our haul and launch rate sheet on our web site.
Just give Deon Hector (yard manager) a ring on 268 727 1845.We can give you a list of our haul out facilities and an accurate quote for re- doing the anti foul on your yacht while cruising Caribbean waters. Our Multihull haul out facility takes Multi hulls up to 37 feet wide and up to 200 tons. This slipway is also used for hauling tugs and barges working in the Caribbean island chain. Many Caribbean commercial and private yachts use Antigua slipway for their quick and efficient haul out facilities.

Antigua Slipway in English Harbour is a full service haul –out boatyard facility and marina dock with a 200 ton marine railway dry dock. We have berths to accommodate, up to 140ft mega yachts, electricity on the dock, water, telephone, special long term storage rates, and hotel rooms at the luxurious Inn at English Harbour.
We also have H/C showers, Laundromat, drinking water refill at the fuel dock for all visiting Caribbean yachtsmen, two restaurants, kit storage rooms, two yacht Chandlery shops one in Falmouth Harbour and one in English Harbour. For do it yourself boatyard maintenance ,we have a special designated area for all D.I.Y cruising yachts, plus some valuable experts available to assist and advise for any problems you have with your yacht.

Antigua Slipway is affiliated with the Inn at English Harbour and you are able to stay there at a 10% discount while your yacht is on the hard or against the marina dock in the Slipway boatyard .Now there is no further need for a travel lift that will leave horrible strap marks on the new anti-foul .With our hydraulic trailer and large yacht haul out facility we can give you a perfect anti foul bottom paint job at a reasonable price.
Whether hauling a large yacht or small cruising boat we have the perfect boat yard facility here in Antigua at the most competitive prices.
When looking for a boat lift or haul out in the Eastern Caribbean we are the best option for a perfect antifouling bottom paint job while visiting Antigua or cruising the Caribbean islands.
You can dry dock any size of yacht or cruising boat at our comprehensive haul out and dry dock facilities in sunny Antigua.

Antigua slipway as a marina facility is the Caribbean marina facility with every thing for the discerning yachtsman and also provides a full range of yachting services for the Caribbean. Antigua Slipway is the yacht maintenance boat yard of the Caribbean. We can provide you with the best in project management for all yacht refits. Major luxury and private sailing yacht refits and overhauls are our standard business. All boat and yacht engine repairs are carried out at our comprehensive engineering shop, fitted out with lathes and set up for total fabrication capability, call on us to help advise and price your yacht refit.
We service most marine engines, Cummins Diesel, Caterpillar Diesel, Yanmar, Onan, Northern Lights, Perkins, Ford Lehman, Crusader and Yamaha and Mercury outboards, plus Volvo sail drives.

At Antigua slipway we have 40 years of experience in building, repairing, refitting, modifying, and improving all boats and yachts, Antigua Slipway can meet all your interior and painting refit requests. We are experienced in reconstruction and structural repairs after hurricane damage and highly skilled in fiberglass repair and proficient in vacuum bagging epoxy lay-ups, and other advanced composite components. Antigua Slipway can upon inspection give you recommendations on the correct coating and application method of most paints and coatings for yachts. Antigua slipway is a full service yacht yard and we bring expertise to every aspect of a yacht's refit , repair or restructuring, from painting to mechanical and electrical work.

For custom paint jobs on your mega yacht or cruising yacht come to Antigua Slipway .We have the very best in Awl-Grip painting experience after having completed many major refits. Antigua Slipway has a large chandlery stock of topside paints for every kind of re fit and makeover on your yacht or cruising boat. We can give a price on all spray paint jobs in Awlgrip .We can repaint the deck on all yachts whether it is a nonskid surface on the deck or a topcoat gloss on the deckhouse or hull. We can paint most yachts in the water while tied to our dock.
In this small Caribbean marine boatyard we have every service the yachtsman requires to carry out any type of yacht refit. From topsides to interior work or all types of Antifoul, we can give the yachting community what they are looking for in a total or partial yacht refit at a competitive price compared with most European and U.S. boatyards.

If you are considering leaving your yacht ashore in the Caribbean come to Antigua Slipway in pleasant English Harbour. This is one of the best places to leave your boat in the Caribbean for the hurricane season.
Call us on 268 460 1956 for all yacht haul out enquiries .

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